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Transformers: The Last Knight: Grimlock Will Be a ‘Naughty Dog’

Опубликовано: 05.12.2016                                                                                                       

Transformers: The Last Knight: Grimlock Will Be a ‘Naughty Dog'

Transformers: The Last Knight: Grimlock Will Be a ‘Naughty Dog'
Grimlock Baby Dinobots Transformers 5 Transformers: The Last Knight: Grimlock Will Be a ‘Naughty Dog

While some fans might be discouraged to hear that the powerful Grimlock has been relegated to a supporting position, and won’t be central to The Last Knight story, he might be where he is best served: a key player in Autobot action set-pieces. Of course, that’s all before taking into consideration that Bonaventura promises the film will feature “a side of him that you’re going to like – you’re going to relate to.” How moviegoers will relate to an ancient robot warrior (“disguised” as a dinosaur) isn’t clear at this point – but the producer obviously has very specific moments in mind.

That said, it’s reassuring to hear the filmmakers intend to include more of the dinobots – since other key characters (like Jazz and Arcee, for example) were killed-off or abandoned after a single film. Certain characters in the Transformers live-action series have fallen short of fan expectations but, at the same time, the films continue to deliver unparalleled action spectacle – via some genuinely cool set-pieces moments from fan-favorite Transformers characters (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave, among others). No doubt, a Decepticon slaying dinobot like Grimlock is a smart character to keep around – and if he gets a bit more development this round, that’s even better.

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in U.S. theaters on June 23, 2017, followed by the Bumblebee spin-off on June 8, 2018, and Transformers 6 on June 28, 2019.



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