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The Empire Strikes Back Gets an Honest Trailer

Опубликовано: 13.12.2016                                                                                                       

Of all the varying opinions on Star Wars, the one thing fans and critics seem to agree on is that The Empire Strikes Back represents the pinnacle of the franchise. Back in 1980, it seemed impossible that any movie could ever reach the same, record breaking heights as the original film, but audiences were stunned by the direction its sequel took – and the film became a phenomenon all its own. Not only is it regarded as the best Star Wars movie, but one of the greatest sequels ever made.

There’s a kind of perfection about the movie that elevates it to the upper-echelons of the series. While a lot of people are quick to point out the darkness of the movie as its main strong point, there’s so much more to it than that. It’s beautifully written and directed, and it takes us deeper into a galaxy far, far away than what must’ve seemed possible prior to its release. The characters we know are expanded on, new characters are introduced, and it all comes together to leave audiences shocked, elated, and desperately wanting more. In doing so, it became the standard—one that has yet to be equaled, but which is constantly being strived toward. Even in its perfection, however, it turns out there are still ways to poke a few holes in it.

In their latest Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies managed to find a way to bring The Empire Strikes Back down a peg or two, taking their keen comedic insight and firing it at the vaunted entry into the saga – an effort they admit themselves is going to be difficult. Even in the face of such impossible odds, they manage to take a few shots that land direct hits.

The Empire Strikes Back Gets an Honest Trailer



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