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Spider-Man: Homecoming — A Closer Look at Vulture’s Flight Suit

Опубликовано: 09.12.2016                                                                                                       

Spider-Man: Homecoming - A Closer Look at Vulture's Flight Suit

Spider-Man: Homecoming - A Closer Look at Vulture's Flight Suit

Spider-Man: Homecoming - A Closer Look at Vulture's Flight Suit
Spider Man Homecoming Vulture Weapon Spider Man: Homecoming   A Closer Look at Vultures Flight Suit

Like Spider-Man’s new suit, which has a host of technological advancements care of Tony Stark, there’s some pretty nifty advancements of the original Vulture design in there too. His wings are actually in two parts, with the traditional spread (presumably for gliding) accompanied by fold-out rotors that provide him with thrust and deft balance. That’s a logical upgrade that really helps the suspension of disbelief. Toomes also has proper talons – metal claws that, based on concept art, wrap around his boots, making him an even more dangerous aerial threat.

There’s no sign in the trailer if his “feathers” will double as weapons – either razor sharp blades or projectiles – which has been the case in various non-classic iterations (there may be too much of an Angel in X-Men: Apocalypse parallel there for Marvel Studios’ liking). One weapon we do see him using in the Homecoming trailer is a purple laser similar to the one used by the bank robbers from the start of the trailer, which appeared to be of Chitauri origins (although that doesn’t look to be related directly to the suit).

It may have some new Marvel Cinematic Universe inflections, but Homecoming‘s Vulture suit is very in the spirit of the villain’s comic book origins and promises a worthy antagonist for Tom Holland’s young Spider-Man. Good thing he’s got those web wings, right?



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