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New Logan Image Highlights a Mysterious Metal Hand

Опубликовано: 17.11.2016                                                                                                       

New Logan Image Highlights a Mysterious Metal Hand

Logan has made good use of social media in its marketing push for the upcoming Wolverine sequel. The teaser trailer and many photos posted online has provided little more than cryptic clues as to the movie’s plot and characters, but they collectively paint an altogether bleak picture. The Instagram account for the movie, especially, has presented its photos entirely in black-and-white, offering an oblique look at some of the movie’s finer details.

Much of the Instagram promotion for Logan has focused on settings within the movie, with less of a focus on the characters inhabiting them. A motel, smelting plant, and rest stop have taken center stage in recent weeks. There has not been as much of the movie’s major players, good or bad, seen on social media. But the latest photo posted for the movie gives a small glimpse of what could be a formidable foe for Hugh Jackman as the iconic mutant superhero.

The Logan Instagram account has added yet another cryptic black-and-white photo to its growing collage of stark details that comprise the R-rated adventure (set to be perhaps the bloodiest, most violent entry in the X-Men film series yet). The photo depicts a mysterious metal hand that appears to belong to a human, but could also belong to some kind of cyborg. The caption for the photo is simply “Metal.”

New Logan Image Highlights a Mysterious Metal Hand

The most logical, sensible idea is that the metal hand belongs to a member of the Reavers: a squad of cyborgs created with the intention of eliminating the X-Men, primarily Wolverine. One incarnation of the Reavers was a team assembled by Donald Pierce, who is played by Boyd Holbrook in Logan and is presumably one of Jackman’s primary antagonists. Another Instagram photo posted in October confirmed that the Reavers will be in the movie.

It can be reasonably assumed that the Reavers will play a major role in the movie, and that Logan will need to go through them as part of his journey to protect Laura Kinney/X-23 (Dafne Keen) and fight back against the extinction of mutants. With the Reavers’ armor covering their bodies, Logan will certainly have a tough time breaking through that exterior with his adamantium claws.

The photo is just another detail that adds up to what will almost certainly be the darkest X-Men movie yet. Logan and Charles Xavier will be weathered souls with diminishing powers, while the film’s R rating alone suggests a more grim tone than X-Men movie fans are accustomed to seeing. Of course, the violence will have to exist for good reason to make Logan a compelling story, but the characters and backdrop are in place and the previews for Logan so far have been promising.



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