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New Alien: Covenant Image Released for Ridley Scott’s Birthday

Опубликовано: 30.11.2016                                                                                                       

New Alien: Covenant Image Released for Ridley Scott's Birthday
alien covenant ridley scott set New Alien: Covenant Image Released for Ridley Scotts Birthday

There have been plenty of behind-the-scenes images from Covenant making their way online, but this is certainly one of the most revealing; it would seem to confirm that the Engineers (or their technology) are going to play some part in the movie. This wouldn’t be all that surprising considering where Prometheus left off, with Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender’s David (head not yet re-attached to his body) jetting off to find humanity’s creators’ home planet.

Covenant is set to help bridge the gap between Prometheus and Alien. We’ve yet to get an answer to how the crashed derelict found its way onto LV-426 in the first place (and thanks to Damon Lindelof’s question-baiting script, there are a lot of themes related to meeting “God” that Scott has yet to fully explore). There is a possibility that this nicely-shot photo of Scott is from the set of Prometheus, not Covenant, despite what the hashtag attached to it suggests. Either way though, the Engineers should appear in Covenant, in some form or another.

This set photo also raises the question of balance. While the prequel/sequel flirting with Prometheus will please some, there’s a large section of the Alien fanbase who were let down by the latter’s vagueness and are hoping Covenant is more in keeping with Alien‘s all-out horror (something the teaser poster definitely pointed towards). Scott needs to tread carefully here, for related reasons.



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