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Doctor Strange Screenwriter Interested in Penning the Sequel

Опубликовано: 23.12.2016                                                                                                       

Doctor Strange Screenwriter Interested in Penning the Sequel
Doctor Strange Calendar Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange Screenwriter Interested in Penning the Sequel

Spaihts was later asked about what he would like to see in Strange’s world in upcoming movies, to which he replied that there wouldn’t be “just one answer” but it would be all about magic – different kinds of it. He explained:

“In different comic lines we’ve explored different threads. There’s so many ways to talk about sorcery. I’d want to look at one of those. But it’s really about matchmaking a school of magic with a villain, an antagonist, and there’s a few amazing ones that I’d love to see him meet. That’s what it would be about.”

Strange has come across with a variety of villains throughout his history: from his arch-nemesis Dormammu, to Baron Mordo, to other interesting characters such as Dagoth, a sea-demon also referred to as the Dreaming God, and Nightmare, one of the Fear Lords who is often referred to as a demon prince of the dreamscape – also a villain Derrickson has said to be interested in adapting to the big screen.

Given what we saw in the post-credits scene with Mordo, it’s easy to assume that, if a sequel is to be made, Marvel would continue with him as the new villain; but with a vast catalogue of villains to choose from in a universe with various types of magic, Mordo could wait for a while. What would come as a big surprise, however, is if a sequel is not in Marvel’s plans.



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