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Doctor Strange Clip Showcases Inception-Like Magic Martial Arts

Опубликовано: 21.10.2016                                                                                                       

As the fourteenth film installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange represents an evolution for the MCU – taking it beyond super-powers of the scientific, technological and alien-provided variety and exploring heroes (as well as villains) who can control proper magic, instead. The Strange character represents the introduction of a new source of power only vaguely touched upon in previous MCU films – sorcery, the supernatural and alternate dimensions.

With Doctor Strange’s November release just around the corner, the movie’s marketing is upping the ante as would be expected – with teasers, trailers and TV spots showcasing the film’s take on magical (martial) arts and its potential in action. A new clip from the film has now been released too (check it out above), showing Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme taking on his adversary, Mads Mikkelsen’s enigmatic Kaecilius.

Doctor Strange introduces its titular character; Dr Stephen Strange, and explores the events involved in his superhero evolution. After a car accident destroys Strange’s high profile career in brain surgery (due to the damage inflicted upon his hands), the doctor sets off on a journey to seek out a mystic named The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), as a last shot at restoring his abilities. This encounter sets Strange on an unexpected path, as he instead winds up training in the mystic arts to become the Sorcerer Supreme – gaining powers that allow him to manipulate the forces of the universe through spells and incantations. The film’s cast also includes Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Michael Stuhlbarg, Benjamin Bratt and Scott Adkins.

Doctor Strange Clip Showcases Inception-Like Magic Martial Arts

The Doctor Strange source material, originating in the psychedelically spiritual heyday of the 1960s, is a rich source in terms of visual creativity and FX potential for the film’s director, Scott Derrickson – to mention nothing of the reality-bending abilities of the characters in the Strange comics. This clip however, is an opportunity for fans to see Kaecilius in action, as Strange struggles to combat three adversaries – taking advantage of some Inception inspired, physics defying magic, combined with martial arts.

This sample of what viewers should expect from Doctor Strange is further testament to the expectation that this movie will be visually spectacular. Bringing forth a new element of superhero powers to the MCU at this time could be a smart move from Marvel Studios – to satiate the ever-growing hunger from an audience that has become accustomed to the incredibly-choreographed and complex action scenes featured in the majority of superhero films nowadays.

As a movie that has been awaiting a decent development since the mid 1980s, now could be the ideal time to bring the character of Doctor Strange to life. Along with the adept casting choices here, the available resources to create stunning feats of cinematography in this current era of filmmaking are possibly the best tools to give magic the same distinction in the MCU, as the other brands of super-power that fans are more familiar with.



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