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Batman V Superman: Zack Snyder Reveals New Look At Knightmare Suit

Опубликовано: 03.12.2016                                                                                                       

Batman V Superman: Zack Snyder Reveals New Look At Knightmare Suit
Batman Knightmare Batman V Superman: Zack Snyder Reveals New Look At Knightmare Suit

Snyder’s been using his Vero feed a lot recently to share previously unseen photos from the production of both Batman V Superman and Man of Steel, giving fans looks at Superman screentests, Wonder Woman stills and more. These don’t have much relevance to Justice League (which is now in post-production), so not much can be really read into them. They do still serve as a tiding over until we get more news on that DCEU team-up.

The Knightmare sequence may be hard to logically explain in the context of the movie – as already stated, it’s not clear if it’s a dream, vision or time-travel – but it’s certainly a striking scene. Inspired somewhat by the Injustice series, which told of Superman becoming a villain after the death of Lois Lane (an event that the time-warping Flash even alluded to), it promises a potentially dark future for the DCEU; one that fans will no doubt be happy to embrace. Batman and the metahumans will be taking on Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) in Justice League, but it’s expected his nephew and big bad Darkseid will appear in the sequel, perhaps bringing some knightmare-ish destruction with him.



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