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Animated Version of Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives Script ‘Would be Amazing’

Опубликовано: 24.11.2016                                                                                                       

Animated Version of Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives Script ‘Would be Amazing’
Superman Lives Nic Cage Tim Burton Animated Version of Kevin Smith’s Superman Lives Script ‘Would be Amazing’

Obviously, the chances of Superman Lives being brought to life as an animated movie, let alone with Smith’s ideal cast, are slim at best. Warner Bros. owns the rights to any potential film and producing such a venture, especially given the live-action film’s troubled production, doesn’t seem like a move they’d make any time soon. Still, Smith has been working closely with comic related media lately, directing episodes of both The Flash and Supergirl (the latter of which is titled ‘Supergirl Lives,’ a nice little nod to Superman Lives), so perhaps getting an animated film off the ground wouldn’t be outside of the director’s sway.

If Superman Lives does eventually become an animated film, then the most ideal way to pull it off would be to include Smith in some way creatively, possibly even letting him direct. Naturally, the script would have to be tweaked to better fit animation and hopefully voiced by experienced voice actors (in spite of Smith’s insistence on his original picks). Still, there are certainly many detractors out there who believe that Superman Lives is best left on the shelf.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on any Superman Lives news as it becomes available.



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