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Alien: Covenant — Katherine Waterston Character Image & Details Revealed

Опубликовано: 23.12.2016                                                                                                       

Alien: Covenant - Katherine Waterston Character Image & Details Revealed
Katherine Waterston and Ridley Scott on Alien Covenant from Empire Alien: Covenant   Katherine Waterston Character Image & Details Revealed

Waterston may have a tough time carving out her own space in this franchise, seeing as Ripely is such a big part of Alien‘s DNA. While there are sure to be callbacks to earlier films or scenes done to mirror previous ones in Covenant, Waterston should still be able to standout as Daniels so long as she delivers a good performance, on her own terms. Noomi Rapace was able to avoid the Ripley comparisons with her character Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus and proved to be another quality female lead for the Alien franchise, providing something of a template for Waterston to follow.

Given the way that Fox has marketed Covenant and Waterston’s character so far, it would not come as a huge surprise were Daniels to indeed be Ripley’s mother. Such a plot development would risk making the Alien universe feel too connected, but then again movies have a long history of connecting various characters through family ties. If Daniels is, in fact, Ripley’s mom, then hopefully Covenant will find  way to prevent the idea from coming off as forced or overly contrived. Either way, here’s to hoping that Waterston shines in her role in the film.



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