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Alien: Covenant Image May Reveal the Other Michael Fassbender Robot

Опубликовано: 24.12.2016                                                                                                       

20th Century Fox continue to build-up to the premiere of the first trailer for Alien: Covenant – director Ridley Scott’s sequel to Prometheus that (according to the movie’s official synopsis) “connects directly” to the filmmaker’s landmark 1979 sci-fi/horror film, Alien. The images that Fox has been releasing from Covenant on a daily basis over the past week (at the time of writing this) have further played up the idea that this new movie has a more explicit connection to Alien than the quasi-prequel Prometheus does, drawing inspiration from iconic imagery and elements in the previous installments of the Alien franchise (films and even video games alike).

The story this time around concerns the crew of the spaceship Covenant, a team of space explorers that finds their way to a dark and dangerous world (believed to be the home planet of humankind’s creators, aka. the Engineers) that appears to have but one living inhabitant: the android David (Michael Fassbender), who was last seen in Prometheus with his head still detached from his body. However, as fate would have it, the crew of the Covenant are accompanied by a Fassbender-bot of their own.

Fassbender himself has confirmed that this other android in Alien: Covenant is named Walter, though details beyond that are being kept under-wraps for now. The official Alien Anthology Twitter account has now released an image from Covenant that presumably shows Walter, not David, dressed all in white and sitting down in front of a piano… though, it could instead be David who’s pictured here. It’s also worth noting that unlike other recent Covenant images that have been tweeted out, this one doesn’t include a mysterious string of numbers. (Next up then – the trailer?)

alien covenant michael fassbender Alien: Covenant Image May Reveal the Other Michael Fassbender Robot

Walter has been described as more of a “straightforward robot” and a refined version of the David android model by Fassbender, suggesting that the character in Covenant might be to David what Bishop (Lance Henriksen) from Aliens was to Ash (Ian Holm) in Alien – a more trustworthy model of android, so to speak. It’s possible that Covenant will mix things up a little by, say, having Walter turn against the human members of the Covenant’s crew – including, the film’s protagonist Daniels (Katherine Waterston) – after David reprograms him, takes his place… or something to that effect. David, for his part, is unlikely to be all that stable when the Covenant crew meets him, having been living on the film’s mystery planet setting (alone?) for some ten years by the time the story in Covenant picks up.

Then again, Walter may yet remain an ally to the Covenant’s crew throughout the film, especially since they will have their hands full dealing with whatever dangerous extraterrestrial monsters they wind up encountering in the movie. The Alien: Covenant trailer may yet shed some light on the matter of Walter and David, so be sure to check back here on Screen Rant in the near future for that and more Covenant-related goodness that’s on the way.



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